Why Prihoda Textile Duct?

It is a matter of pride that PRIHODA s.r.o. is one of the top Fabric Ducting manufacturers in the world. Established in 1994, the company is still privately owned and is still managed by the creator Mr. Zdenek Prihoda today.  Mr. Prihoda was immediately enthusiastic about Fabric Ducting as a concept, recognizing the aesthetic simplicity of the product enhanced by its ability to resolve or improve so many air movement

Today the company owns 3 buildings and retains over 250full time employees. The Company has a dedicated Development and Testing facility, complete with a laboratory and test chamber capable of producing and accurately measuring a vast range of air supply scenarios.  It has a large storage capacity to ensure there is enough stock to meet the orders on time and they have 13 laser cutting machines

working over two shifts to keep production flowing and delivery times to a minimum.   The whole operation is certified to ISO9001 quality standards, the rules for which form the very basis of the design, planning and production flow.

Constantly innovative, the technical teams at Prihoda s.r.o. have many ‘Firsts’ to their name including….

–  Micro-perforation air diffusion (directional low velocity air delivery)
–  Endless fibres fabrics instead of staple fibres (no fibre shedding)
– Negative pressure ducting and diffusers (fabric extract ducting)
– Negative pressure ducting and diffusers (fabric extract ducting)
– Square shape fabric ducting, as a standard catalogue product
– Adjustable pieces (straight lengths and bends)
– Fabric Nozzles

Why the butterfly logo?? Well, the Prihoda Team believes the butterfly symbolizes their product very well.  Butterflies use air for transport and come in many shapes and sizes; they are beautiful, light and colorful, just like their product!

Why Prihoda Textile Duct?

1Flexibility and tailor design tailor design Prihoda textile duct can have many shapes, such as circular shape, segment, sector, half round & quarter round. These shapes can help when the height of the space is limited. Moreover, there is square and triangular duct for negative pressure (Exhaust & return duct), which is patented by Prihoda. Any fitting shape is available such as elbow, T-Shape, etc..
2Unique materials and colors Prihoda offers a wide range of material. This can be shown as follows:
The previous schedule shows many different materials that suit the requested application, where the material can be antibacterial (for pharmaceutical & food industry), highly fire resistance, antistatic (for electronics industry) and machine washable if being used in a dusty application or clean rooms, etc.… Each characteristic in the material is done by using special material.

• For example, antibacterial material has Nano layer of silver on the material that allows it to be antibacterial even after many washes. This is certified with institutions certificates. The material is resistant towards fungi and micro-organisms.
• Regarding fire approved materials, it have been fire-tested

and approved according to international fire standards incl. EN 13501-1. Prihoda materials achieve classification B-s1-d0 (where B= excellent fire resistance performance, s1= Low smoke emissions, and d0= represents no molten plastic droplets) this far exceeds the requirements of UL723 standards in the USA.
• One of the most important characteristics of Prihoda textile materials is that its endless fiber not stable fiber. This can be cleared in the following pictures:
• Antistatic characteristic is done through having Woven Carbon fiber to reduce electrostatic charge by increasing electrical conductivity.
• There are 9 colors available for the most used materials, and the possibility to print logos, pictures on the fabric.

Prihoda Endless Fiber Material

Other Fiber Materials (stable fiber)
3Efficient air distribution Prihoda design software shows the final air flow patterns to avoid any dead zones and ensure having very well efficient, Uniform air flow patterns. This can be shown in the following picture from the design software
Some Tests for textile ducts at Prihoda R&D Centre are shows as follows:
Supply air can flow through different type of diffusers shown below:
Prihoda uses fabric nozzles instead of plastic nozzles as other producers, because their light weight and being sonic welded to the duct material, so they don’t fall out or damage during washing. Moreover they have zero droplets on the ground during fire as shown below:
4Prihoda uses fabric nozzles instead of plastic nozzles as other producers, because their light weight and being sonic welded to the duct material, so they don’t fall out or damage during washing. Moreover they have zero droplets on the ground during fire as shown below:The textiles act as sound baffles below ceiling, where they absorb and break down a part of the noise reflected.

5Condensation problems Prihoda duct don’t suffer from condensation problems when being used for air cooling using permeable textile. This is due to that little air always diffuse through the surface. This prevents condensation problems on the surface, even in very humid rooms (>90% RH).
6Easy to installPrihoda material weights 200 – 460 g/m2, which is much lighter than metal sheet duct. Therefore, there is no need to build a steel structure, to suspend metal sheet ducts for large areas. At the same time, textile ducts are much easier to handle and to transport, as they are folded and packed in cartoon boxes.
Prihoda textile duct suspension system is delivered in exact lengths rendering installation easier and quicker than similar systems. Installation time is almost 90% less than metal sheet duct installation time.
7 Easy to maintain Prihoda textile ducts can be easily dismounted and washed in a washing machine. A Winch system was developed by Prihoda R&D center and patented to simplify installation & removal of long straight duct in few minutes from one side instead of going under the long duct. This mechanism is perfect when the duct is over swimming pools or machinery. It easies the duct collection for extra cost. The Winch system is as shown:
8WarrantyPrihoda offers 10 years warranty for PMI & NMI materials, which most applications request
9Environment friendly product Prihoda developed environment friendly material, which is from 100% recyclable polyester to improve the environment and saves resources.
10 Fabric duct shape when fan is off The duct shape when the fan is switch off is as shown below:
In case the duct shape is needed to look circular when the fan is switched off, then arcs or tyres can be supplied with the duct
11Beat absorber When startup of the fan takes place, a sudden impact of the supply air on the end of the fabric diffuser happens. Prihoda developed and patented beat absorber composed of three connected truncated fabric cones to eliminate the air flow impact on diffuser’s end. The picture below shows it:
12Fabric swirl DiffuserPrihoda developed and patented the first fabric Grilles as shown below. The construction is based upon fabric pockets, which are sonic welded on to a fabric tile mounted on aluminum frame
The diffuser is very easy to install, very light weight (1.2 kg instead of 8 kg for aluminum diffuser), antibacterial, easily removed for washing and suitable for clean rooms, available in 9 colors to match any interior design.

Technical catalog :